Safemarket Ltd


SafeMarket was established in 2011 aiming at providing high-quality software and algorithmic design for demanding standalone and web applications. The company has two independent fully-equipped offices located in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece and currently 12 people are deployed, yet the number of associated specialists and external collaborators is a multiple of that, enriching the company's enabling force and allowing the existence of a broad but fully diversified and flexible scheme. SafeMarket is equipped with a complete in house IT infrastructure, utilizing four dedicated servers abroad that work as a cluster. Special devices for networking, randomization and authentication, such as GPS receivers, biometric and fingerprint authenticators, touched-graphical password systems, hardware-based random generators and high-quality routing systems are also deployed.

The company has direct connection to academia on the fields of e-learning, software engineering, artificial intelligence and computer security on a national as well as on a global domain keeping us up to date with the latest developments in the field. Due to the special mixture of our team members, SafeMarket is able to provide an optimum blend of research, design, marketing and developing.


All the company’s founders and partners have previous experience either in the academia or in the industry or both. Two of our members hold a strongly related to company’s area of interest PhD degrees and the rest two hold special Master’s degrees. All of them have achieved a number of distinctions, including best University student awards for a series of years, best scientific paper awards, leading positions in national innovation contests, a number of prestigious scholarships and international journal or conference scientific publications.


Our people and their unrelenting focus drive success on delivering results the right way; operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

Currently, Safemarket develops efficient web software and desktop applications mainly in the fields of:

  • adaptive e-learning
  • algorithmic design and artificial intelligence
    • neural networks
    • genetic algorithms
    • machine learning
    • data mining
  • information hiding and authentication
    • safemarketcryptography
    • security protocols and infrastructures
  • e-government and human resourcing
    • e-contests
    • ability / interview tests
    • e-voting and e-polls
    • e-auctions
    • public e-procurement