• Big Data

    Coping with Big Data
    can be tricky...

    ...we know the way!
  • Security & Cryptography

    Protocols, algorithms,
    data integrity, forensics

    ...we know security!
  • Machine Learning

    Neural Networks,
        Genetic Algorithms,
      NLP, Text Mining...

    ...we know A.I
  • Mobile & Web Development

    Think of your next App
        or web site...

    ...we’ve got talent!
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Is your site safe? Let's find out!

Secure your website, your clients' personal data and your online transactions with our help.


Building an app?

We design and develop web applications compatible with every mobile platform, Android & iOS.


Are you sure you are not Big Data?

Real-time multi-player multi-lingual social apps and infrastructures using state-of-the-art techonologies.